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  • Able to Support Multilingual Operation
    Equipped with Convenient GUI
    Able to Function Multiple Games Including Lotto, Bingo, Keno and others
    Able to Provide Various Statistic Services for Retailers
    Able to Automatically Upgrade Programs
    Equipped with a Number of Communication Protocols (TCP / UDP)
    Able to Automatically Switch to Backup Server
    Equipped with a Remote Control Function
    Equipped with an Automatic Status-Checking System
  • Designed Considering Security and Stability
    Handled through Touch-Screen
    Communicated with a Number of Communication Interfaces (Dedicated Line, ADSL and Modem)
    Equipped with UPS
    Equipped with HDD 80GB
    Equipped with 300 DPI High Resolution Printer
    Equipped with 1500mm/Sec High Speed Printer
    Equipped with 300mm/Sec High Speed Scanner
  • Product name Features and Benefits
    Lotto Publication
    Server System
    (LPSS V2.0)
    Able to select the necessary function due to the componentization of lotto module
    Able to install to various OS Server product (Windows, Unix, Linux)
    Support various communication protocol (Winsock, TCP, UDP)
    Support various database (MS-SQL, Oracle, My-Sql, etc.)
    Support the automatic and selective install
    Support the database transaction
    Support the enciphered module (Incodeing, Decodeing)
    Lotto System
    Management System
    (LSMS for Web /
    LSMS for App)
    Add and manage the game for Lotto, instant lottery and internet lottery
    Control the authority for internal access by the setting of administrator rating
    Database backup and DATA integrity check
    Provide the function to issue the lottery and draw the lottery number
    Provide the central management function to add, modify and delete the store
    Provide various statistics (for sales and stores)
    Calculate the sale proceeds and manage the deposit and withdrawal
    Remote control for the terminal
    Manage the information of terminal status
    Manage the A/S information
    Lottery ON / OFF Line
    interaction & Updating
    Expanded System
    Analyze the terminal status in stores, check the ON/OFF status and the problem of terminal
    Call for A/S from stores and monitor the consumables order
    Check the sales status per stores through the electronic board
    S/W Update for terminal - Automate update when change the software of terminal
    Support A/S remotely when the error occurs in the terminal in store
    Network Management
    Convenient GUI environment based on Windows
    Provide excellent map function
    Load balancing for switch/ L4 management
    Safe data management using the certified DB
    3 step user management
    Support the real-time alarm system
    Remote control using Web Client