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  • Greetings!
    WINDYPLAN has established itself as an outstanding company
    specialized in integrated lottery services and systems based on
    its experiences in carrying out Lotto and Instant Lottery
    in Northeast Asia and Latin America ever
    since its foundation in 2003.

    WINDYPLAN has built up trust by establishing stable systems and
    running successful lottery businesses in those countries it has so
    far advanced into.

    In the domestic market, WINDYPLAN won two contracts with the
    Ministry of Strategy and Finance and successfully completed them:
    one on the Korean Lottery System Localization Project in 2011
    and the other on the Parallel Operation Project for the Localized
    in 2012.

    In August, 2013, Nanum Lotto Consortium where WINDYPLAN is one of the main members was
    selected as a consignee that would run the Korean Integrated Lottery Business.

    The consignee will be operating all lottery businesses controlled by the government,
    including online lottery, instant lottery, pre-printed lottery, internet lottery and others.

    Based on the experiences it has so far accumulated, WINDYPLAN would like to be
    an important business partner for those that plan to move into the lottery field.

    WINDYPLAN will provide a world-renowned and reliable lottery system that is eligible
    for this global era. WINDYPLAN's business model will guarantee stable business
    operation and success for you.
    Best Regards