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  • Provide the automated system manual based on
    the know-how from lotto business operation abroad
    and various experience in domestic.
Market research and consulting
  • Analyze the business for the relevant country
  • Infrastructure consulting
  • Consulting to establish the system for total management and operation
  • Wagering consulting
Provide and establish the system
  • Establish according to the demand forecast
  • Provide the customized system based on the demand of market
  • Design, establish and tune for new business
  • Provide the operation guideline
Operate total system
  • Total management and operation for system which is customized to customer's environment
  • Manage lottery server system, inspection system and automatic vending machine system
  • Operate lottery terminal and portable & wireless lottery terminal
Business management
  • Manage the accounting/personnel/marketing/advertising/PR/store
  • Manage the service quality of buyer/seller/operator for infrastructure consulting
  • Audit for the system stability
  • Support to train and manage the personnel for the relevant country
  • Continue to improve the service to meet the customer's demand
  • Enhance the public value for lottery